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Estimates of human trafficking, the recruitment and transportation of people for the purpose of exploitation and slavery, vary from 600,000- 2 million traded around the globe annually. Anywhere from - billion is being made each year by criminals through http://malenkovd.isplevel.pro/layouts/windows/index.html deception, coercion and violence who force victims to work for little or no pay across a spectrum of industries. The united nations has characterised human trafficking as the third most lucrative trans-national crime after drugs and arms smuggling.


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SHANKAN awarded VIVO Energy MT. Kenya Region service contract.

With what exists now skype and http://vacationhomes.365realtyinc.com/includes/find/index.html vonage. Analysts predict that this new development will help. Shankan are delighted to announce their selection to provide pump maintenance and support services to Vivo Energy Kenya Limited for a term of 2+1 years, commencing August 2015. This award affirms development in Shankan’s move into contractual service and maintenance, ranging from terminal equipment, power and industrial equipment knowledge and expertise. Shankan represents Wayne fuelling Pumps and dispensers in the region with full station automation and control on Wayne Fusion based Automation and Tank Gauging.

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SHANKAN appointed Bently Nevada Inc. Distributor

It is an installer and is designed for the creation of installations and setups. The ouput (setup) files are http://universalkenya.com/cache/putting/tracking-a-cheating-spouse.html compact,. Easy to install with plenty of options. Shankan are happy to confirm their appointment to supply Bently Nevada Products in East Africa. Bently Nevada Monitors are used for protection and condition monitoring of critical machines.   Roughly 60% of Bently Nevada monitoring systems are sold to the Oil and Gas Industry, 30% to the Power Generation Industry, and the remainder are sold to Mining, Cement, Wastewater, Food and Beverage, Pulp and Paper and other Industries.   There are over 50,000 Bently Nevada Monitoring Racks providing protection and monitoring for rotating machinery worldwide today, an installed base that far exceeds our closest competition.

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Shankan will be glad to handle your requirement any time.

Le système peut retracer les endroits où il se rend- grâce aux données gps enregistrées lorsque nick cliquez utilisait son smartphone – et peut prévoir ses actions futures en se basant sur ses habitudes. Vous voulez mettre la main sur nick, ou sur son ordinateur portable : alors visitez la salle de sport le lundi matin à 6 heures, conclut ainsi brian urch.

SHANKAN appointed Spraying Systems Co. Distributor in Kenya and Tanzania

Let me now turn to the separate set of concerns that have been raised overseas, and focus http://newlineprospect.ru/system/code/sms-tracker-samsung-galaxy-note-7.html on americas approach to intelligence collection abroad. Shankan has been appointed as authorised distributor for Spraying System Co. Products in Kenya and Tanzania (as Premier Agencies Tanzania Ltd)
Spraying Systems is the world Leader in spray technology, it designs and manufacturers Spray Nozzles, with nozzles readily available in thousands of sizes and configurations. These nozzles can be used in Oil&Gas in disbursal of defoaming agents in process stream, steam quench, flue gas desulfurization, Absorbtion,scrubbing and stripping in Gas conditioning, Gas liquid and product cooiling,chemical injection and desuperheating, Automatic Tank Cleaning, coatings, spray Drying and chemical processing.

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